Each box is full
of delicious surprises!

Our Waku Waku Boxes are shipped every 3 months

Each Waku Waku Box contains 8 to 10 snacks (and some surprises!): gourmet cookies, tasty candies and surprising chips!

You will also find typical snacks from French regions: our regions are famous for their culinary know-how, and their traditions have not spared our snacks.

Some of them have existed for ages and have been delighting us for generations! 

The contents of the boxes may vary depending on the season and the availability of the products. 

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Pick Your Waku Waku Box

Do you love France, a little, a lot, madly?

  • 1 Waku Waku Box

    Valid for 3 months
    • フランスから季節のお菓子が届いたらWakuwakuして下さい。
    • 3ケ月毎に内容が変わります。
  • 2 Waku Waku Box

    Valid for 6 months
    • 6ケ月の間に2回フランスから季節の お菓子をお届け致します。
    • 3ケ月に1度Wakuwakuして下さい。
  • Best Value!

    4 Waku Waku Box

    Every year
    • 1年に4回フランスから季節のお菓子を お届け致します。
    • 3ケ月に1度Wakuwakuして下さい。 (定期購入はいつでも解約可能)

Our Waku Waku Box fans ❤️

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"I have never been to France, but I love this country. I enjoyed French treats while I was waiting to go to France!"