With the Waku Waku Box, discover the best French snacks!

Updated: Apr 13

You like France? You will love French snacks! With the Waku Waku Box, you get a box full of 100% French snacks, salty and sweet: delicious cakes, tasty candies and original chips.

What do they have in common? They are made in France, and some of them are made for generations and typical of some French regions. With the Waku Waku Box, you literally go to discover a culinary heritage, original and delicious!

Hundreds of snacks 🤩

As you know, France is famous for being a country where food is very important and delicious. This heritage, which makes France famous, is paradoxically quite unknown when it comes to snacks.

If you've ever been to France or if you're learning French, you're probably familiar with macarons and cannelés, but did you know that we have salted butter cookies, spinach chips, traditional fruit candies, fruit jellies, and chocolates created in honor of the Loire castles? And that's not all, there are dozens of them in each region!

The Waku Waku Box has only one objective: to allow you to discover France through its numerous snacks. An exciting and surprising culinary journey!

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