Learn gourmet French with Waku Waku Box!

Do you love France? Maybe you are learning French?

Waku Waku Box, the 100% French snacks specialist, offers you one or two videos each week to learn French!

Available on Waku Waku Box's Instagram account, each video aims to make you discover words, adjectives or expressions related to food in France.

Each video will give you examples of how certain words are used, explain the nuances between certain verbs that seem to mean the same thing in French - yes, learning French is difficult!

You will also discover the richness of French adjectives when it comes to food! After all, in France, we are known for our food and our cooking ;) You will be able to enrich your French vocabulary, simply and with fun.

You will also discover the history of some French sweets and cakes. Did you know, for example, that the macaroon appeared in France in the Middle Ages, but it is only in the 16th century that it became a must-have cake in France.

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